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Safety Through Simulation

Emergency medicine residents tested a new UF-developed mixed reality simulator in September that lets the user get valuable experience in a safe way.

Patient Insight into the Health Risks Associated with Obesity

Show: 911: Emergency Talk Radio – brought to you by ACEP Guest Speaker Matthew Ryan, MD, Ph.D. Director of  Medical Student Clerkship Program and Assistant Professor Topic: Patient Insight into the Health Risks Associated with Obesity Topic Info:  A…

Toral Family Foundation supports traumatic brain injury research at UF

Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the UF College of Medicine, signs paperwork to help establish the Toral Family Foundation Professorship in Traumatic Brain Injury, alongside Frank Toral, an advocate for brain injury research and education. Watching are Joseph A Tyndall, M.D., chairman for the department of emergency medicine, and…

2011 Symposium by the Sea Award

KUDOS to all of our residents’ accomplishments this weekend at 2011 Symposium by the Sea!! The weekend started off with an EMRAF meeting with Dr Justin Bennett as our FCEP board rep and Drs Mindy Fernandez, Jonathan DeGroat, and Brandon Allen attending as our EMRAF reps. Mindy Fernandez was also…

Pediatric ER – Shands Hospital For Children

Children are not small adults. This is never more evident than when an accident or urgent medical problem arises and parents need fast access to specialized care designed to meet their child’s needs.