Emergency Medicine Interest Group & Resources

We strongly encourage everyone at UF interested in discovering more about emergency medicine to join EMSA during their first two years. They offer educational events, networking meet and greets, shadowing opportunities, and research opportunities with EM faculty and resident physicians.  

Visit our student interest group official page.

UF medical students interested in applying to EM residency will also be directed to EM faculty career coaches for group and individualized application advising during MS 3rd year.   For students with an exceptional interest in emergency medicine looking for opportunities or resources outside of our COM, consider exploring the following EM organizations. This includes recommended starting points for utilizing advising and educational content offered by these organizations.

National and Regional Organizations

Beginner’s Guide to Outside EM Advising & Educational Resources

Beginner’s Guide to Outside EM Advising & Educational Resources
  1. If you are interested in pursuing EM as your specialty of choice, read the EMRA-CORD Student Advising Guide.
  2. Before and during your EM clinical rotations, review SAEM/CDEM resources to see what we expect you to know and how to effectively demonstrate your clinical competencies.
  3. If you’re looking for ways to get involved in EM beyond UF, start here for resources and ways to get involved.
  4. If you’re in a unique application situation (i.e. failed boards, military matching, couple’s matching, etc) take a look at one of CORD’s special population guides. Please also reach out to your EM faculty adviser here at UF!
  5. While looking for potential places to apply for EM away rotations (you don’t need this if you plan to rotate at UF Shands and UF Jacksonville) or EM residency, you may utilize EMRA Match, which provides important information about each residency program.