Department of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Residency Program

The UF Emergency Medicine Residency is located at the UF Health Academic Health Center, the university’s primary medical school campus. We are committed to training residents to become superior well-rounded clinicians that have the skills to become educators, researchers, and leaders in Emergency Medicine.

Resident in scrubs


Curriculum and Rotations

Student rotations within the Emergency Department provide students with exposure to clinical cases and proper training to help them positively enhance patient care. Students will learn how to apply methods and procedures within emergency medicine sub-specialties to deliver exceptional emergency care.

Residents collaborate in learning environments


Fellowship Programs

The Emergency Department is currently accepting applications to a post-graduate fellowship, and is developing the curricula and infrastructure for more. We offer fellowship opportunities in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Critical Care Medicine, and Emergency Ultrasound.

Ultrasound being performed.



Our clerkship at the University of Florida in Gainesville is a mandatory fourth year clerkship. Students will see an undifferentiated patient population, meaning you are to see patients as acuity dictates and you will never be barred from seeing any patients.

Clerkship Rotations in emergency medicine