Students in the clerkship work perform a procedure on a medical simulator.

The University of Florida Emergency Medicine Clerkship program offers several opportunities for medical students to rotate in the UF Shands Emergency Department. This includes our flagship four-week rotation for senior medical students and physician’s assistant students, one- and two-week preceptorship opportunities for first- and second-year medical students, and various third- and fourth-year electives related to EM.

Our Rotation at a Glance

During our four-week rotation, students will gain invaluable experience evaluating an undifferentiated patient population, treating patients as acuity dictates without limitations to seeing specific patients or patient presentations. We supplement this experience with a weekly educational curriculum that includes didactics and team-based simulations in medical resuscitation, trauma resuscitation, pediatric resuscitation, toxicology, and EMS. During these sessions, students will also be introduced to critical skills such as airway management, emergency ultrasound, and patient handoff. Students are also expected to learn the critical roles physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff play in the care of ED patients and the importance of effective teamwork and communication. Rotators are welcome to participate in our weekly residency didactics on a voluntary basis, as their schedules allow. Finally, students will be graded based on their on-shift clinical performance, professionalism, participation in mandatory learning activities, and end-of-rotation examination performance. Our complete syllabus is available on the UF Canvas page.

Students Pursuing EM As Their Specialty of Choice

During the summer and early fall, we welcome UF medical students and externs who are pursuing Emergency Medicine as their specialty of choice. In addition to the standard four-week curriculum, we will supplement the experience with one-on-one mentorship, residency application advising, networking opportunities with our residency leadership and trainees, and a Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) required for residency application.
Non-UF medical students who are interested in rotating at UF Health should visit the externship page for more information and instructions on how to apply. We strongly encourage all externship applicants to also apply for our scholarship, for which financial hardship is also considered.

Clerkship Administration

Members of our team are listed below. Please contact Hayden Evans with any questions or concerns about our student rotations.

Meredith C Thompson

Meredith C Thompson M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Clerkship; Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
Ronnie K Ren

Ronnie K Ren MD, MSEd

Clinical Assistant Professor & Assistant Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine
Hayden Evans

Hayden Evans

Clerkship Program Coordinator, I