Lars Beattie, MD

The UF Emergency Medicine Leadership’s Team’s vision for residency education is to deliver excellence in emergency medical training, while simultaneously preserving trainees’ heart.

The UF EM Residency team’s mission is to expose trainees the broadest span of presentations, depth of acuity, and healthcare disparities that exist in this incredible specialty: Emergency Medicine. The residency team serves as guide whose purpose is to train residents in the vanguard practice of EM, bring evidence based critical thinking and interventions to the bedside, and to do so with compassion.

Lars K. Beattie MD
Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director

Residency Leadership

Lars Beattie

Lars Beattie M.D., M.S., FACEP

Residency Program Director, Clinical Associate Professor
Giuliano De Portu

Giuliano De Portu M.D., FACEP

Assistant Dean, Office for Diversity; Assistant Residency Program Director; Program Director, Medical Student Ultrasound Curriculum;​ Clinical Assistant Professor
Nicholas Maldonado

Nicholas Maldonado M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Residency Program Director
Henry W Young, II

Henry W Young, II M.D., FACEP

Assistant Residency Program Director; Clinical Assistant Professor
Amanda H Glynn

Amanda H Glynn MHS, CRC, CGCM

Residency Program Coordinator / Administrator

By the Numbers

138,000 Emergency Department Visits in 2018 (including 28,000 pediatric visits)

35% of our Emergency Department patients are arrive via Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

3% 3% of our patient cases are ranked as level 1 on the Emergency Severity Index. (National AAAEM Acuity Index #2)

98% Pass rate for the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM), (trailing 5 years)

UF Emergency Residency


UF EM – The Program Director’s Perspective

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