UF Department of Emergency Medicine Scribe Program

The Department of Emergency Medicine is starting the Scribe Program at Shands at the University of Florida at the Gainesville campus for the summer of 2013.

Hired as hourly employees, health career bound students work hand-in-hand with physicians and physician assistants during their shifts in the ED. Scribes complete the charting of the patients, to include documenting the history, physical exam, procedure notes, and lab results. In order to be able to accurately complete this documentation, the students must first complete training in both the classroom and the ED.

With daily patient and physician interactions, the Scribe Program provides clinical knowledge and experience unlike any other shadowing or volunteering position.

We are currently looking to hire students for our first class of scribes. We are looking for students with strong academic records and a willingness to commit a minimum of one and a half continuous years to this part-time job (at least 12 hours/week throughout the school-year and the summer). The time commitment is flexible around academic schedules.