emergency medicine at UF HEALTH

The Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida Gainesville is an independent academic department within the College of Medicine. With the substantial infrastructure and resources from the State’s Flagship University dedicated to the missions of research and education, we are committed to training medical students and residents to become superior well-rounded clinicians that have the skills to become educators, researchers, and leaders in emergency medicine.

message from the chair

Joseph A. Tyndall, M.D.

Our team at UF Health is dedicated to providing the highest quality of clinical emergency care. You will not find a group of faculty more dedicated to the teaching mission of the UF College of Medicine or an atmosphere more open and collegial for residency training. It is our goal to continue to advance the field of emergency medicine, improve patient care, and to provide the academic environment for innovative research.

Joseph A. Tyndall, M.D., M.P.H., Interim Dean and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, UF College of Medicine