Meet Our Faculty

Core Faculty

Peter Alexandrov

Peter Alexandrov M.D., M.S.

Director, Operational Medicine. Associate Medical Director, ShandsCair.
Brandon R Allen

Brandon R Allen M.D.

Associate Professor; Associate Chief, UFH Chest Pain Ctr; ED Scribes Program; Prog. Director, Administrative Fellowship
Joshua H Altman

Joshua H Altman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Beulah D Augustin

Beulah D Augustin M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
John P Baker

John P Baker M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Lars K Beattie

Lars K Beattie M.D., M.S., FACEP

Residency Program Director, Clinical Associate Professor
Torben K Becker


Associate Professor; Executive Director – Emergency Medicine | UF Health Critical Care Organization; Chief – Division Of Critical Care Medicine & Director – Section Of Global Health | Department Of Emergency Medicine
Alicia Buck

Alicia Buck M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Co-Medical Director, Lake County EMS
Cameron Busk

Cameron Busk M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Program Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Donna L Carden

Donna L Carden M.D.

Professor Emeritus
Casey T Carr

Casey T Carr M.D.

Assistant Professor
Sarah Chrabaszcz

Sarah Chrabaszcz M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
David B Crabb

David B Crabb M.D., ABPM-CI

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director Of Clinical Informatics And Data Integration
Chelsea E Crose

Chelsea E Crose M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Jessica L Dalton

Jessica L Dalton M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Medical Director, ED Scribe Program; Interim Medical Director Spring Hill ED
Giuliano De Portu

Giuliano De Portu M.D., FACEP

Assistant Dean For Health Care Excellence, Community And Belonging; Director Emergency Medicine Ultrasound; Director Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship;‚Äč Clinical Associate Professor
Marco F Elegante

Marco F Elegante M.D., MNeuroSci

Clinical Assistant Professor
J. Joe Fernandez

J. Joe Fernandez M.D., J.D., FCLM

Clinical Assistant Professor
Mindy Fernandez

Mindy Fernandez M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, Freestanding EDs
Rosemarie Fernandez

Rosemarie Fernandez M.D.

Clinical Professor; Executive Vice Chair Of Academic Affairs And Faculty Development
Piers A Frieden

Piers A Frieden M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Gabriel N Gomez

Gabriel N Gomez D.O.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Faheem W Guirgis

Faheem W Guirgis MD, FACEP

Vice Chair Of Research; Professor; Co-Director, CTSI KL2 Program
Colleen K Gutman

Colleen K Gutman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Carolyn K Holland

Carolyn K Holland M.D., M.Ed., FACEP, FAAP

Clinical Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Quality and Safety, Department of Emergency Medicine; Division Chief and Interim Fellowship Program Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics; Me
Liam C Holtzman

Liam C Holtzman D.O., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Program Director; Physician Director Of Quality And Interim Medical Director
Charles Hwang

Charles Hwang M.D., FACEP, FAEMS

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Director, Levy County Department Of Public Safety
Jason M Jones

Jason M Jones M.D., FACEP, FAEMS

Clinical Assistant Professor; EMS Division Chief; EMS Fellowship Director; Medical Director, Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR); Medical Director, Santa Fe College EMS Program; EMS Director, UF Health Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit
Sitha Konopack

Sitha Konopack M.D., M.P.H., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor And Medical Director
Michael L Krick

Michael L Krick D.O., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Physician Director Of Quality, Freestanding EDs
Alison Leung

Alison Leung M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Marsha F Lewis

Marsha F Lewis MD, MSc, MBA

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, Adult Emergency Department; Assistant Program Director, Administrative EM Fellowship
Judy K Lucas

Judy K Lucas M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Nicholas G Maldonado

Nicholas G Maldonado M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Program Director, Residency
Michael Marchick

Michael Marchick M.D.

Interim Vice-Chair Of Education; Associate Professor; Assistant Program Director, Residency; Vice Chair, Clinical Operations
David A Meurer

David A Meurer M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Medical Director, ShandsCair Adult/Peds Team
Anthony Meyer

Anthony Meyer M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Kendall Moore

Kendall Moore M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, ED Scribe Program
Joel R Morrissey

Joel R Morrissey M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
L. Connor Nickels

L. Connor Nickels M.D., RDMS, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor
Rohit P Patel

Rohit P Patel M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor; Associate Chief, Division Of Critical Care Medicine; Co-Director, Emergency Medicine Critical Care Fellowship; Co-Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Director, Critical Care Ultrasound, Surgical ICU
Michael C Petrauskis

Michael C Petrauskis M.D., M.Ed.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Maritza Plaza-Verduin

Maritza Plaza-Verduin M.D., FAAP

Medical Director, CELS; Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Program Director – Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Joseph Pompa

Joseph Pompa D.O.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Ronnie K Ren

Ronnie K Ren MD, MSEd

Clinical Assistant Professor & Assistant Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine
David L Roberts

David L Roberts M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor
Joel Rowe

Joel Rowe M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Medical Director, Gilchrist County Fire Rescue; Co-Medical Director, Lake County EMS
Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Matthew B Shannon

Matthew B Shannon M.D., FACEP

Medical Director Spring Hill/ Kanapaha Emergency Centers; Director Community Emergency Medicine
Priscilla Shen

Priscilla Shen

Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew C Smith

Andrew C Smith M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Caroline C Srihari

Caroline C Srihari M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Program Director, Residency
Meredith C Thompson

Meredith C Thompson M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Clerkship; Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
Taylor Zeglam

Taylor Zeglam M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Cristina M Zeretzke-Bien

Cristina M Zeretzke-Bien M.D., FAAP, FAAEM, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Marie-Carmelle Elie

Marie-Carmelle Elie M.D., RDMS, FACEP, FCCM

Adjunct Professor

Courtesy/Volunteer Faculty

Gordon Darant

Gordon Darant M.D.

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Haitian Liaison To L’Hopital Bernard Mevs In Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Travis W Murphy

Travis W Murphy M.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Division Of Critical Care Medicine
Harvey G Rohlwing

Harvey G Rohlwing M.D., FACEP

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Global Health Initiatives Liaison
Adrian Tyndall

Adrian Tyndall M.D., MPH, FACEP

Courtesy Clinical Professor
Ahmed Zakariah

Ahmed Zakariah M.D., M.P.M., E.M.B.A., M.Phil., F.G.C.S.

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Ghanaian Liaison To The National Ambulance Service In Accra, Ghana


Critical Care Medicine Fellows

Manuel E Borobia

Manuel E Borobia M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24
Hady Khalifa

Hady Khalifa M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24
Pooja Mysore

Pooja Mysore M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24
Nhi Y Luu

Nhi Y Luu D.O.

CCM Fellow 2023-25
Jacob Milling

Jacob Milling M.D.

CCM Fellow 2023-25
Nishil T Patel

Nishil T Patel D.O., M.B.S.

CCM Fellow 2023-25

Emergency Medical Services Fellows

Jeffrey J Adams

Jeffrey J Adams M.D., M.S.

EMS Fellow 2023-24

Global Emergency Medicine Fellow

Mayur D Patel

Mayur D Patel M.D., M.B.A.

Global EM Fellow 2023-25

Graduate Research Fellow

Katelyn E Flaherty

Katelyn E Flaherty

Graduate Research Fellow

Neurocritical Care Medicine Fellow

John Bruno

John Bruno M.D.

NCC Fellow 2022-24

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows

Joon Choi

Joon Choi D.O., FAAP

PEM Fellow 2022-25
JC Gonzalez, Jr

JC Gonzalez, Jr D.O.

PEM Fellow 2022-25
Erin B Bruney

Erin B Bruney M.D.

PEM Fellow 2023-26

Sports Medicine Fellow

Matthew E Apicella

Matthew E Apicella D.O., M.M.S.

Sports Medicine Fellow 2023-24

Ultrasound Medicine Fellows

Aisha E Droz-Lopez

Aisha E Droz-Lopez M.D.

Ultrasound EM Fellow 2023-24
Randy B Leung

Randy B Leung D.O.

Ultrasound EM Fellow 2023-24


Click here to see a list of our current Emergency Medicine residents.

Part-time Clinical Faculty

Ramona D Esquibel

Ramona D Esquibel M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Michael L Falgiani

Michael L Falgiani M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Shikerria Green

Shikerria Green M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Robyn M Hoelle

Robyn M Hoelle M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Kevin Hord

Kevin Hord M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Elisabeth Hwang

Elisabeth Hwang MD

OPS Professional Faculty
Mark M Jackson

Mark M Jackson D.O.

OPS Professional Faculty
Jonathan Liu

Jonathan Liu M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Diana C Mora-Montero

Diana C Mora-Montero MD

OPS Professional Faculty
JD Rondon

JD Rondon M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo

Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo M.D.

Assistant Professor
Kruti Shah

Kruti Shah M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Tierra Smith

Tierra Smith M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Roger A Vazquez Gomez

Roger A Vazquez Gomez MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow
Joshua A Walker

Joshua A Walker M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty

Per-Diem Pediatric Faculty

Jyoti Budania

Jyoti Budania M.D.

Assistant Professor
Rachel M Coleman

Rachel M Coleman M.D.

Associate Professor
Leighton A Elliott

Leighton A Elliott

Hematology/Oncology Chief Fellow
Free N Hess

Free N Hess D.O.

OPS Professional Faculty
Stephanie Moawad

Stephanie Moawad M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Margaret A Slayton

Margaret A Slayton M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Anna Tsikouris

Anna Tsikouris M.D.

OPS Professional Faculty
Sneh A Xavier

Sneh A Xavier M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor