Jonathan Holloway and Brandon Allen, were both inducted into The Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society

Jonathan Holloway and Brandon Allen, were both inducted into The Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.


The following are a few comments from the UF College of Medicine Class of 2013 in support of the nomination of Dr. Jonathan Holloway, an emergency medicine resident at the University of Florida, for induction into the Chapman Gold Humanism Honor Society.

“The Chapman Gold Humanism Honor Society prides itself on recognizing those who demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion, and a dedication to service. Very few people have the service commitment that Dr. Holloway has demonstrated, all while maintaining his deep-rooted commitment to humanism and professionalism. We couldn’t possibly explain all of his endeavors and commitments in such a nomination letter, but will highlight a few.”

“Dr. Holloway is unique among Emergency Medicine physicians. Most would agree that when you meet him, you realize that he truly cares. He has said before, “You have one minute to get your patient to trust you in the ER.” And in the emergent situation, that is most definitely true. However, Dr. Holloway also realizes that there are some cases, which deserve more than one minute. He demonstrated compassion and empathy when we encountered a very emotionally challenging patient who was threatening to leave against medical advice. Instead of writing the patient off as a drug-seeker or “crazy” patient, he took the time to listen to her and reason with her to come up with an alternative plan of admission to the hospital so that she could receive appropriate care. His skills and patience were impressive especially in the high-stress environment of Emergency Medicine.”

“When thinking of residents who we thought most embodied the character that Chapman Gold Humanism Honor Society seeks, we couldn’t think of a better physician to be recognized. We have no doubt that Dr. Holloway will continue to be of service to his patients, the community, and his family and friends. He started working at a young age on his family’s farm and his work ethic and personal integrity will most definitely fit well with the ideals and goals of the University of Florida Chapman Gold Humanism Honor Society.”

Dr. Brandon Allen is a natural teacher. He loves to communicate, and has the gift of finding a teaching point in even the most straight forward of cases. He developed, and is about to publish his book, “Quick Hits for Emergency Medicine,” a book that targets the most salient points in everyday emergency department cases. This book, to be published by Springer, already enjoys great popularity in its current form, thus the masses eagerly await its formal publication. Dr. Allen has also put great care into the development of educational conferences for his fellow residents. Thanks to his perseverance, attendance at morning report and involvement in journal club is that much more strong. He is an active member on the University of Florida Emergency Medicine Residency Medical Education Committee, again testimony to his dedication to our program and institution. On a national level, Brandon is Vice Chair of Education for EMRA, and a member of the SAEM Resident and Student Advisory Committee where he helps o shape the direction of emergency medicine education for his fellow residents.

Dr. Brandon Allen hit the ground running with research. After the very first Thursday conference he approached me and asked to be involved in research. Shortly thereafter, he got his IRB training and paperwork completed, and before long was ensconced in collecting data on reasons for 72 hour ED return visits in patients over the age of 65. This effort paid off, and he has presented the results of this work at SAEM 2010- a first author abstract as an intern! He went on to refine his hypotheses and presented this next work at ACEP 2010. He won the outstanding research presenter award for our resident research day, and took 2nd place in the FCEP research competition last year. Taking the “Get Published Now!” lecture to heart, he diligently applied himself and has published several case reports and a solid systematic review on amanatoxin. He serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Emergency Medicine, and is an active advocate for his colleagues to also publish. To date, he has 7 published, peer reviewed manuscripts, and 3 more in press. In addition to formal academic publishing, Brandon also writes blogs and has a very beautiful piece on humanism in medicine, entitled “Just Daddy,” recently published in academic emergency medicine.

Dr. Brandon Allen is a dedicated clinician. He works hard, cares about his patients, and takes the time to think about the patient’s presentation. He is well liked by his colleagues, nurses and students alike. Locally, he is the Emergency Medicine Resident Director of Quality, on the Resident Quality Committee. In this capacity, he serves by voicing the concerns of his co-workers, and strives to make improvements to our daily practice. Brandon takes his commitment to patients care to the next level by staying involved in organized medicine. He actively participates in FCEP, ACEP, SAEM, and AAEM. By this we mean that he does more than simply joining them. He puts in his time, and takes on leadership roles, in order to improve our specialty.

Of all the things I could write about Dr. Brandon Allen, perhaps the most meaningful comment I can make is that he is the kind of person you look forward to working with, and the doctor you want taking care of your loved ones. It is with unconditional enthusiasm that I support Brandon for membership in the Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society.