Jason Jones, MD


  • Dallas, TX


  • Undergrad: Duke University
  • Med School: University of Texas

Why UF EM?

  • I get to work in a gorgeous new emergency department, at a program with an enormous catchment area that brings in more acuity, volume, and variety than almost anywhere. I’m surrounded by some of the most brilliant and hilarious residents and attendings a guy could hope for. Plus, I have every bell and whistle (multiple SonoSites, bronchoscopes, ER critical care tools) at my disposal, and a green light to use them all.

Favorite Chief Complaint

  • “Multiple complaints”

TV character most similar to you

  • Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Favorite superhero

  • Bobby Desai

If I weren’t an ER doc, I’d be a…

  • Fire-breathing dragon

When I’m not in the ED, you can find me…

  • At the Ale House! (or Ginnie Springs)