Medical Student Externship

During the summer and fall of each academic year, we offer externship opportunities for qualified medical students interested in pursuing emergency medicine as their specialty of choice. In addition to the standard four-week curriculum for senior medical students, your experience will be supplemented by one-on-one mentorship, residency application advising, networking opportunities, and a Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) required for residency application.

Applying for an Externship Position

All applications will be processed through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities website. The application for the University of Florida externship opportunities will open in the spring. Please visit the following links for further details and instructions. The planned opening date for 2024 is March 1st, 2024.

Upon submission, each application will be processed by two parties: the EM clerkship team and the UF College of Medicine. The EM clerkship will consider all qualified applicants (US MD, US DO, and IMG students) based on their qualifications and interest in our program. Subsequently, the COM must also confirm the applicant’s eligibility to rotate.
International medical students and Osteopathic medical students from institutions outside Florida will incur additional costs to apply to and participate in any UF externships. To mitigate some of the costs, we strongly recommend that each EM applicant also apply to our scholarship , for which financial hardship will be considered.

We will review applications on a first come, first served basis. To facilitate your application process, we recommend having the following materials prepared in advance:

  • Updated CV
  • Letter of intent clarifying your interest in our program
  • Professional photo
  • Dates you would like to rotate in Gainesville
  • Immunization record
  • Proof of Step 1 and/or Level 1 completion

Your home institution may need to assist you in providing:

  • Transcript
  • Background check
  • Drug screening
  • LoGS (letter of good standing) **
  • Home Institution Evaluation Template

** This is NOT a letter of recommendation for emergency medicine. This is a formal letter from your student affairs office or equivalent certifying your eligibility to participate in externships.

For any questions regarding the externship, please contact Hayden Evans, our UME coordinator.