PGY-3 Rotations
Emergency Medicine Residency

This is the year when the resident puts everything together. The knowledge and skills learned over the first two years are applied in a setting which allows the resident the opportunity to primarily manage multiple patients, from the critically ill to fast track patients. Furthermore, the resident is responsible for assisting supervising physicians with the education of both PGY-1 residents and medical students. The PGY-3 also assists the supervising physician with the overall management and flow of the emergency department.

Along with continued longitudinal shifts within the pediatric emergency department, the PGY-3’s skills and knowledge in managing the critically ill child are solidified when rotating in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Finally, due to our recent expansion, we have developed a track based curriculum in which the PGY-3 resident will explore their interests in emergency medicine with a curriculum of their choice. EMS, Ultrasound, Sports Medicine, and Critical care are but a few of the options available for this “mini-fellowship” opportunity.

Chart of PGY-3 Rotations by weeks; breakdown in following table.

PGY-3 Rotations

Specialty Area/Category Number of Weeks
Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine 38
Community Emergency Medicine 4
Elective 3
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) 4
Vacation 3