PGY-2 Rotations
Emergency Medicine Residency

The PGY-2 year is built to allow the resident to utilize the foundations learned in the 1st year for practical application in the emergency department. The knowledge and skills learned will be featured in a supervised setting with enough freedom to allow the resident to confidently manage multiple ill patients on their own while providing an opportunity to teach off-service rotators and medical students.

This year also allows the resident to demonstrate their acumen in a trauma setting, since along with the trauma team, the PGY-2 will be managing acute traumatic injuries. Furthermore, while rotating with our surgical colleagues and EM physicians who have critical care training, the PGY-2 resident will continue to develop and maintain a keen understanding of the acutely injured patient both in the ED and during their trauma critical care block.

Built into the curriculum are two blocks of dedicated critical care within the emergency department. Residents assigned to this rotation will be responsible for the initial diagnosis and management of both acutely ill medical and surgical patients.

Continued longitudinal shifts in the pediatric emergency department allows the resident to maintain their excellent skill set with acutely ill children.

The PGY-2 resident will also have the opportunity to develop a knowledge base with the EMS operations at UF Health. Along with EMS fellows, the resident will have the ability to develop and implement protocols and assess them in multiple settings, from a distinctly rural environment, to urban settings. Flight opportunities are also available should the resident choose.

Chart of PGY-2 Rotations by weeks; breakdown in following table.

PGY-2 Rotations

Specialty Area/CATEGORY Number of Weeks
Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine 30
EM Critical Care 4
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 3
Community Emergency Medicine 4
Critical Intensive Care Unit (CICU) 4
Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) 4
Vacation 3