Students in the clerkship work perform a procedure on a medical simulator.

The clerkship at the University of Florida is a mandatory four week rotation offering students clinical training no other course is able to provide. Students will gain experience in evaluating an undifferentiated patient population, treating patients as acuity dictates without limitations on seeing specific patients or patient presentations. The supplemental educational curriculum includes topics often covered only briefly in other rotations, including toxicology and environmental medicine, in addition to presenting the emergency clinician’s approach to airway management, trauma management, and acute chest and abdominal pain evaluations. For more information about the clerkship, please review the syllabus.

For the months of July and August we offer Emergency Medicine Career Track. While fulfilling UF students’ requirements for a 4 week clerkship in Emergency Medicine, this course is geared toward students considering Emergency Medicine as a career. During Career Track the Clerkship Directors and Program Director meet with you personally and discuss your career goals, review your application, and discuss your interviewing skills.

Please contact Courtney Cribbs with any questions or concerns about the Medical Student Rotations.


Pediatric Emergency Medicine Student Rotation

The focus of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Rotation is to provide MS3 and MS4 students with exposure to undifferentiated pediatric patients in the emergency department.

Emergency Ultrasound Student Rotation

The mission of this rotation is to train future emergency physicians in the basics of emergency limited ultrasonography and to help them become proficient emergency sonographers.

EMS Student Rotation

The EMS Student Rotation requirements include: a protocol review, attendance at ACFR or GFR-ACFR meetings, attendance at EMS lectures and six, 8-hour ride alongs.

Clerkship Administration

Meredith C Thompson

Meredith C Thompson M.D.

Clerkship Director; Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael Marchick

Michael Marchick M.D.

Co-Clerkship Director; Clinical Associate Professor
Courtney L Cribbs

Courtney L Cribbs

Administrative Specialist II
Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan M.D., Ph.D.

Vice-Chair Of Education; Associate Professor