Associate Director Ken Marx receives Lifetime Achievement Award from AAAEM

On March 31, Ken Marx, MA, MBA, CMPE received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM). Ken is the Chief Administrator and Associate Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine. Ken received Masters in both Hospital and Health Administration from the University of Iowa and in Business Administration Health Care at the Henry B. Tippee College of Business at the University of Iowa as part of a dual degree program. Ken is working on a graduate certificate in Health Outcomes and Policy at the University of Florida. His interests include: project organization, systems design & integration, mentoring and enhancing the profession of academic EM administration.

Ken was the founding President of AAAEM. In 2005, Ken and a group of colleagues had an idea for an academic EM administrator discussion forum. That notion was the seed that flourished into this SAEM academy. Ken researched the options; drafted the initial proposal; and followed through until the concept became reality. In AAAEM’s first year, the group had 40 members. Now, as a well-cultivated and mature academy, AAAEM has grown to more than 80 members who have benefited from the original idea. Without Kens drive and determination to see AAAEM progress and advance, it is likely that our academy would not have become the robust, multi-faceted group that it is today, supporting academic EM administrators; providing a wealth of knowledge and professional development; and essentially recognizing the importance of our roles and specialties as administrators in health care.

Congratulations to Ken Marx!

Ken Marx (right)
Ken Marx (right) with fellow AAAEM award recipient, Jim Scheulen (Johns Hopkins) and AAAEM President, Kirsten Rounds (Brown).