Emergency Ultrasound


Our Department offers a one year fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound with a focus on mastering the advanced use of bedside ultrasound and its instruction, as well as administration of an Emergency Ultrasound Program, including Quality Assurance and equipment/software maintenance.

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The mission of this rotation is to train future emergency physicians in the basics of emergency limited ultrasonography and to help them become proficient emergency sonographers who will use and incorporate their knowledge to positively enhance patient care. We will focus on bedside echo, aorta, gallbladder, EFAST including evaluation for pneumothorax, renal, pelvic, and soft tissue ultrasound, as well as ample of opportunity to become proficient at ultrasound guided vascular access. Other studies include assessment of volume status, foreign body location, musculoskeletal, scrotal, ocular and venous vascular scans.

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