Call For Reviewers

The large body of literature surrounding cardiac arrest care extends form basic science, preclinical and clinical models and large population and epidemiological studies. Tracking high quality research can often be daunting. The Interdisciplinary Cardiac Arrest Research Review (ICARE) is an annual project that aims to highlight and disseminate high quality cardiac arrest research that was published the previous year. The goals of the review are to illustrate best practices, stimulate additional research, and promote further professionalization of field involving cardiac arrests.

The 2021 edition will be the fourth year of the ICARE project. The 2018 ICARE and 2019 ICARE editions have been published. The 2020 manuscript is currently being prepared for submission.

Reviewers will be primarily responsible for performing the screening, scoring, and writing up of individual reviews. They will be selected initially on their applications and will be given the opportunity each year thereafter to continue in their role. Reviewers will be designated as junior reviewers during their first year on the review, and as senior reviewers each year thereafter. All reviewers will be recognized and credited in the publication as collaborators (

This review is a collaborative effort between a team of approximately 8 editors and approximately 40 reviewers. This requires a great deal of ongoing communication in order to ensure that everyone is working in concert. As such, it is expected that reviewers will check their email at least daily during the course of the review to ensure they are kept abreast of any new developments.

Time Commitment

20 total hours between October 2021 – May 2022

Reviewers will be assigned to one of the 7 ICARE categories:

  1. Epidemiology & Public Health (EPH)
  2. Prehospital Resuscitation, Technology & Care Processes (PRE)
  3. In-Hospital Resuscitation & Post-Arrest Care Processes (IN)
  4. Prognostication & Outcomes (PRO)
  5. Pediatrics (PED)
  6. Basic Science & Pharmacology (BSP)
  7. Interdisciplinary Guidelines & Reviews (GL)
  8. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID)


Deadline for submission of requests is September 6, 2021. Preference will be considered, however reviewers may be asked to join a different category based on availability and area of expertise.

For More Information

Please contact the Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Torben Becker, Managing Editor: Dr. Travis Murphy, or Technical Support: Scott Cohen.

Torben K Becker M.D., Ph.D., RDMS, FAWM, FAEMS

Travis W Murphy

Scott A Cohen MPH, CPH