L. Connor Nickels

L. Connor Nickels, M.D., RDMS, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor

Department: Department of Emergency Medicine
Business Phone: (352) 265-5991

About L. Connor Nickels

Dr. Nickels was born in Memphis, Tennessee.She later moved to Arkansas where she graduated from John Brown University with her undergraduate degree in Biology. She completed medical school at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas and did her residency in emergency medicine at Orlando Regional Medical Center, in Orlando, FL. After residency, she accepted a position in a community emergency department in Mountain Home, AR, where she worked fo two years.                       

Dr. Nickels had always been interested in academic emergency medicine and returned to Orlando to become the first ultrasound fellow at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Upon finishing this fellowship, she accepted a position with the faculty at The University of Florida as the director of ultrasound education.                       

Dr. Nickels has facilitated multiple courses in emergency bedside ultrasound. Dr. Nickels sat for and passed her Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer exam and is now certified in medical sonography.

Clinical Profile

  • Emergency Medicine


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Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
MDT7710 Elec Topic Emerg Med
PAS5930 Special Topics
MDC7710 Sr Emerg Med Clerkshp
BMS6812 Intro Clin Med 2

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(352) 265-5991