David B Crabb

David B Crabb, M.D., ABPM-CI

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director Of Clinical Informatics And Data Integration

Department: Department of Emergency Medicine
Business Phone: (352) 265-5911

About David B Crabb

Dr. David Crabb, MD, ABPM-CI, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, board-certified clinical informaticist, currently holding the positions of Director of Clinical Informatics and Data Integration, as well as Director of Workforce Logistics in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Originally from Lake Mary, FL, Dr. Crabb has made Gainesville his home, graduating from the UF Medical Honors Program (MHP), a combined 7-year B.S./M.D. program. Following this, he completed his residency training at the UF Department of Emergency Medicine and transitioned into a faculty role.

Dr. Crabb is committed to advancing healthcare through the intersection of medicine and technology. With a focus on informatics, computer science/innovation, and AI, he has driven significant change in the electronic health record and Emergency Department workflows. His current focus is to develop a Smart Emergency Room (SmartER). The SmartER collaborative group will be made up of engineers, data scientists, and physicians working to find novel, innovative ways to deliver care in the ED.

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
PAS5020 Intro to Medicine 2
PAS5008C Adv Clinical Practic


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(352) 265-5911
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