Our Team

Department Chair

Mary D Patterson

Mary D Patterson M.D., M.Ed.

Chair, Associate Dean And Professor

Core Faculty

Peter Alexandrov

Peter Alexandrov M.D., M.S.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Medical Director, ShandsCair
Brandon R Allen

Brandon R Allen M.D.

Associate Professor; Vice Chair, Clinical Operations; Associate Chief, Emergency Services; Med. Director, UFH Chest Pain Ctr; Med. Director, ED Scribes Program; Prog. Director, Administrative Fellowship
Joshua H Altman

Joshua H Altman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
John P Baker

John P Baker MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Lars Beattie

Lars Beattie M.D., M.S., FACEP

Residency Program Director, Clinical Associate Professor
Torben K Becker

Torben K Becker M.D., Ph.D., RDMS, FAWM, FAEMS

Associate Professor, Chief – Division Of Critical Care Medicine, Director – Global Health Programs, Program Director – Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship, Associate Program Director – EMS Fellowship, Director – Prehospital Research
Alicia Buck

Alicia Buck M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Co-Medical Director, Lake County EMS
Cameron Busk

Cameron Busk M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Donna L Carden

Donna L Carden M.D.

Professor Emeritus
Casey T Carr

Casey T Carr M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Emergency Critical Care Education
Sarah Chrabaszcz

Sarah Chrabaszcz M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
David B Crabb

David B Crabb M.D., ABPM-CI

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, Adult ED
Chelsea E Crose

Chelsea E Crose M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Jessica L Dalton

Jessica L Dalton M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Giuliano De Portu

Giuliano De Portu M.D., FACEP

Assistant Dean, Office For Diversity & Health Equity; Director Emergency Medicine Ultrasound; Director Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship;​ Clinical Associate Professor
Marco F Elegante

Marco F Elegante M.D., MNeuroSci

Clinical Assistant Professor
Lynn Farrugia

Lynn Farrugia M.D., M.S., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor
J. Joe Fernandez

J. Joe Fernandez M.D., J.D., FCLM

Clinical Assistant Professor
Mindy Fernandez

Mindy Fernandez M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, Freestanding EDs
Rosemarie Fernandez

Rosemarie Fernandez M.D.

Professor; Vice Chair, Faculty Development
Colleen K Gutman

Colleen K Gutman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Carolyn K Holland

Carolyn K Holland M.D., M.Ed., FACEP, FAAP

Clinical Associate Professor, Medical Director – Pediatric Emergency Department, Division Chief – Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Liam C Holtzman

Liam C Holtzman D.O., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor And Associate Program Director
Charles Hwang

Charles Hwang M.D., FACEP, FAEMS

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Director, Levy County Department Of Public Safety
Jason M Jones

Jason M Jones M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; EMS Fellowship Director; Academic Chief, EMS Division; Medical Director, Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR)
Sitha Konopack

Sitha Konopack M.D., M.P.H., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael L Krick

Michael L Krick D.O., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Physician Director Of Quality, Freestanding EDs
Alison Leung

Alison Leung M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Judy K Lucas

Judy K Lucas M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Nicholas Maldonado

Nicholas Maldonado M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Program Director, Residency
Michael Marchick

Michael Marchick M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor; Co-Director, Clerkship; Assistant Program Director, Residency
David A Meurer

David A Meurer M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Medical Director, ShandsCair Adult/Peds Team
Kendall Moore

Kendall Moore M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Assistant Medical Director, ED Scribe Program
L. Connor Nickels

L. Connor Nickels M.D., RDMS, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor
Candice A Norman

Candice A Norman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Rohit P Patel

Rohit P Patel M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor; Associate Chief, Division Of Critical Care Medicine; Co-Director, Emergency Medicine Critical Care Fellowship; Co-Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Director, Critical Care Ultrasound, Surgical ICU
Michael C Petrauskis

Michael C Petrauskis

Clinical Assistant Professor
Maritza Plaza-Verduin

Maritza Plaza-Verduin M.D., FAAP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Associate Program Director – Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
David L Roberts

David L Roberts M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor
Joel Rowe

Joel Rowe M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor; Medical Director, Gilchrist County Fire Rescue; Co-Medical Director, Lake County EMS
Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan M.D., Ph.D.

Vice-Chair Of Education; Associate Professor
Matthew B Shannon

Matthew B Shannon M.D., FACEP

Medical Director Spring Hill/ Kanapaha Emergency Centers; Director Community Emergency Medicine
Priscilla Shen

Priscilla Shen

Clinical Assistant Professor
John H Slish

John H Slish M.D., FACEP, EMT-T, TCCC-I, ILO

Medical Director, Tactical Medicine GFR; SWAT Team Physician/Operator, GPD And ACSO; Co-Assistant Medical Director, UF EMS Fellowship; Clinical Assistant Professor
Tierra Smith

Tierra Smith M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Sakina Sojar

Sakina Sojar M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Caroline C Srihari

Caroline C Srihari M.D.

Assistant Residency Program Director; Clinical Assistant Professor
Tricia B Swan

Tricia B Swan M.D., M.Ed., FAAP, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor; Program Director – Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
Meredith C Thompson

Meredith C Thompson M.D., FACEP

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Clerkship; Director, Undergraduate Medical Education
Taylor Zeglam

Taylor Zeglam M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Cristina M Zeretzke-Bien

Cristina M Zeretzke-Bien M.D., FAAP, FAAEM, FACEP

Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Medical Director – Pediatric Emergency Department

Exclusively Research Faculty

Firas H Kobeissy

Firas H Kobeissy Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor & Associate Director NNBR
Kevin K Wang

Kevin K Wang Ph.D.

Professor & Program Director NNBR

Adjunct Faculty

Marie-Carmelle Elie

Marie-Carmelle Elie M.D., RDMS, FACEP, FCCM

Adjunct Professor
Thomas F Payton

Thomas F Payton M.D.

Adjunct Associate Professor

Courtesy/Volunteer Faculty

Gordon Darant

Gordon Darant

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Haitian Liaison To L’Hopital Bernard Mevs In Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Harvey G Rohlwing

Harvey G Rohlwing M.D., FACEP

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Global Health Initiatives Liaison
Adrian Tyndall

Adrian Tyndall M.D., MPH, FACEP

Courtesy Clinical Professor
Ahmed Zakariah

Ahmed Zakariah

Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor; Ghanaian Liaison To The National Ambulance Service In Accra, Ghana


Administrative Fellows

Marsha F Lewis

Marsha F Lewis M.D., M.Sc.

Administrative EM Fellow 2021-23
JD Rondon

JD Rondon M.D.

Administrative EM Fellow 2022-24

Critical Care Medicine Fellows

Beulah D Castor

Beulah D Castor M.D.

CCM Fellow 2021-23
Terrance Creighton

Terrance Creighton M.D.

CCM Fellow 2021-23
Manuel E Borobia

Manuel E Borobia M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24
Hady Khalifa

Hady Khalifa M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24
Pooja Mysore

Pooja Mysore M.D.

CCM Fellow 2022-24

Emergency Medical Services Fellows

Graham C Clifford

Graham C Clifford D.O.

EMS Fellow 2022-23
Daniyal I Siddiqui

Daniyal I Siddiqui M.D.

EMS Fellow 2022-23

Graduate Research Fellow

Katelyn E Flaherty

Katelyn E Flaherty

Graduate Research Fellow

Neurocritical Care Medicine Fellow

John Bruno

John Bruno M.D.

NCC Fellow 2022-24

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows

Joon Choi

Joon Choi D.O., FAAP

PEM Fellow 2022-25
JC Gonzalez, Jr

JC Gonzalez, Jr D.O.

PEM Fellow 2022-25

Sports Medicine Fellow

Andrew C Smith

Andrew C Smith M.D.

Sports Medicine Fellow 2022-23

Ultrasound Medicine Fellows

Gabriel N Gomez

Gabriel N Gomez D.O.

Ultrasound EM Fellow 2022-23
Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo

Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo M.D.

Ultrasound EM Fellow 2022-23


Click here to see a list of our current Emergency Medicine residents.

Administrative Team

Melanie Blackburn

Melanie Blackburn

Assistant Director Of Finance And Reporting
Lucie Broehm

Lucie Broehm

Administrative Specialist, I
Missy Claude

Missy Claude

Administrative Support Assistant, II
Christina Delgado

Christina Delgado

OPS Administrative Assistant
Zach Frey

Zach Frey

Fellowship Program Coordinator
Amanda H Glynn

Amanda H Glynn MHS, CGCM, C-TAGME

Manager Of Education Programs / Residency Program Coordinator
Allison Gohsman

Allison Gohsman

MGR, Health Care Administration; Program Manager, ED Scribe Program; Coordinator, Clinical Operations
Melyssa E Henagan

Melyssa E Henagan

Administrative Coordinator
Joshua E Hurwitz

Joshua E Hurwitz

OPS IT Expert/Operations Analyst
Frank Jurkiewicz

Frank Jurkiewicz M.B.A.

Vice Chair Of Administrative Affairs
Brygitt A Pfaff

Brygitt A Pfaff

UME Clerkship Program Coordinator
Amy M Smith

Amy M Smith

Human Resources
Cassandra M Stich

Cassandra M Stich

Fiscal Assistant

Research Team

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Part-time Clinical Faculty

Per-Diem Pediatric Faculty

Advanced Practice Provider Team

Full-Time Providers

OPS Providers

Nursing Leadership Team

Nurse Managers

Clinical Leaders

RN Coordinators

Medical Scribe Team

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