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The Cardiac Arrest Resource Team at the University of Florida aims to optimize the clinical care of cardiac arrest patients and to further advance the field of Cardiac Arrest Medicine.

Our team has a broad background with representation from the Departments/Divisions of Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, Anesthesiology, Surgery, along with basic science researchers from the McKnight Brain Institute.

We provide clinical care to cardiac arrest patients and work with hospital committees on the development and implementation of evidenced-based best-practices to ensure consistent care across the institution. We work with multiple partners as part of the investigative process of novel therapies.

The scope of research conducted by the group falls under four main themes of Basic Science, Clinical Studies, Population Health Studies, and Reviews of Current Literature. CART members meet regularly to discuss new and ongoing projects.


Laboratory Studies

We are evaluating the clinical significance of several biomarkers in human cardiac arrest patients through partnership with the McKnight Brain Institute and Department of Emergency Medicine. In collaboration with faculty from the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology and Anesthesiology, multiple translational studies of novel therapeutics are underway with goals to progress to clinical trials.

Clinical Studies

Our Clinical Studies arm has multiple ongoing prospective, observational and interventional trials and quality improvement initiatives within the hospital to evaluate the impact of various medical therapies and imaging on physician practices and functional outcomes.

Population Health Studies

Through partnerships with epidemiologists, statisticians and EMS, we have multiple studies regarding the epidemiology of cardiac arrest, barriers to bystander CPR, and the experiences of bystanders themselves.

Reviews of Current Literature

Our efforts in this field include reviews of the fast-growing field of Cardiac Arrest Medicine by synthesizing the highest quality articles with the most direct clinical impact and a meta-analysis of neuroprognostication literature.

Research Spotlight

Each month we discuss a recent article in the Cardiac Arrest literature at the end of each meeting to keep all our members up to date on the latest developments in Cardiac Arrest Medicine.

Contact Us / How to Learn More

Department of Emergency Medicine
1329 SW 16th Street
Gainesville, FL 32608

Torben K Becker


Associate Professor & Vice-Chair For Critical Care Medicine; Executive Director (EM) Of The UF Health Critical Care Organization; Director – Section Of Global Health
Phone: (352) 733-1475
Travis W Murphy

Travis W Murphy M.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Division Of Critical Care Medicine
Phone: (352) 265-5911
Carolina B Maciel

Carolina B Maciel MD, MSCR

Associate Professor Of Neurology And Neurosurgery, Divisions Of Neurocritical Care And Epilepsy; Director Of Research For NCC; Critical Care Encephalographer
Phone: (352) 273-5550