Joel Rowe, MD


  • New Castle, IN, then Colonial Heights, VA


  • Undergrad: Longwood University
  • Med School:  VCU/MCV – Richmond, VA

Why UF EM?

  • I chose UF because it’s a great spotter. Just like when you workout and have a good spot, I have always felt like you push yourself when you have that confidence someone is there watching your back. They aren’t doing the work for you, and they aren’t MIA. They are there guiding you with encouragement, helping you through the process pushing you to get better. And I can say that the program here does that day in and day out. Constant learning opportunities from people who want to teach, its sahhhhweeettt. When I was interviewing, I was looking for a program that had outstanding leadership, chill people, opportunities and exposure to different aspects of Emergency Medicine and had crazy pathology. Plus, UF pulls all this off in a great location.


  • I like a bit of everything- I guess that’s why EM works for me