Coben Thorn, MD


  • Mullens, WV


  • Undergrad: Concord University
  • Med School: Marshall University School of Medicine

Why UF EM?

  • The main reason is that you can come here and be happy throughout residency.  There are great people to work with and the training is excellent.  Gainesville is also a very fun place to live there is always something to get into


  • Almost any sport or outdoor activity. Mountain biking (believe it or not there are pretty good trails in Gainesville), road biking, camping, tennis, and watching college football

Favorite Chief Complaint

  • There is a bug in my ear!  Then I pull out a 1.5 inch palmetto bug (nice southern word for a cockroach)

If I weren’t an ER doc, I’d be a…

  • Tough choice between a park ranger, pilot, or a bum

When I’m not in the ED, you can find me…

  • Playing tennis, going for a bike ride, out to eat, downtown, or playing with my new dog