Bethany Johnston, MD



Hometown: McKinney, Tx
Undergrad – Baylor University
Med School – UT Southwestern
Why UF EM – This was hands-down the best interview experience I had on the trail. I was pretty candid in my application about some hard times my family experienced during my years in medical school. While most institutions commented on it in my interviews, UF was the only program that immediately described to me in detail how they planned to support me should the same issue occur during my residency training. I got this sort of support from the top down, and these sort of comments from each faculty member and resident I interviewed with. I was blown away, and knew this was a place that prioritizes resident success and growth, and was willing to support me like family. Since being here, that “we’ve got your back” attitude has been re-affirmed, and I couldn’t be happier with how invested the faculty are in me and my class already.