Pediatric Emergency Medicine Student Rotation

The focus of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Rotation is to provide MS3 and MS4 students with exposure to undifferentiated pediatric patients in the emergency department.

Specific goals and learning objectives of the rotation include:

  1. How to respectfully and sensitively interact with parents
  2. Appropriate diagnostic management in the pediatric population including proper and safe use of imaging
  3. The difference between child and adult pathophysiology and anatomy especially with regard to critically ill children
  4. Methods and strategies to make the child comfortable with examinations and procedures
  5. Proper use and dosing of medications in pediatric populations, especially concerning weight-based dosing, pain management, and resuscitation
  6. Common presentations and problems in the pediatric patient
  7. To give a concise and well-organized presentation of the history and physical exam, including pertinent perinatal issues and growth and development

Rotation Assigned Module Reading

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