Brandon Allen, MD Receives 1.9 Million Dollar Investigator-Initiated Award from Roche Diagnostics

Stop CP

The Department of Emergency Medicine is excited to announce that the High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T to Optimize Chest Pain Risk Stratification (STOP CP) study started enrolling patients on January 25, 2017. Thirty-six participants have been enrolled as of March 10th. The STOP CP study is a prospective observational cohort study of ED patients with acute chest pain with the primary objective being to establish the safety and efficacy of Roche hs-cTnT in US ED patients with acute chest pain. This important study aims to safely achieve higher early discharge rates by combining the Roche hs-cTnT values with clinical variables.

Dr. Brandon Allen is the Principal Investigator of the study along with Dr. Simon Mahler of Wake Forest. In addition to UF and Wake Forest, four other sites across the US will be participating in this study. The enrollment goal for the study is approximately 1500 participants enrolled within about eighteen months. This study is funded by Roche and UF will serve as the coordinating center for the trial.