Awards presented to UF Emergency Medicine students at the annual FCEP meeting

At the annual 2016 Student Research Awards at the Florida College of Emergency Physicians meeting on August 7th, two UF Emergency Medicine students were awarded winner and runner up, respectively.

Stephanie Winslow was the winner and recipient of the 2016 Student Research Award for her study “Using Outpatient Medications and Comorbidities as Predictors of Peri-intubation Hypotension During ED Rapid Sequence Intubation”. Her mentors were Dr. Lars Beattie & Dr. Michael Marchick.

Michael Setteducato was the student research runner up for his study, “Assessment of the Usefulness of the HEART Score in Predicting Outcomes of Potentially Harmful Imaging Studies: A Retrospective Analysis”. His mentors were Dr.Brandon Allen & Dr. Michael Marchick.

Michael Setteducato, student research runner up.
Stephanie Winslow, winner and recipient of the 2016 Student Research Award.
Medical students at the annual FCEP meeting.
Stephanie Winslow & Dr. Lars Beattie.
Students at dinner.