Dr. Jennifer Light honored with Award for Clinical Excellence

On Wednesday evening, Dr. Jennifer Light was presented with the 2015 David A. Paulus Award for Clinical Excellence at the Faculty Appreciation Reception at the UF President’s House.

COM Faculty Appreciation

Nominations for Dr. Light were submitted by several groups, including a unanimous vote from the College of Medicine’s Faculty Council as well as support from the Department of Pediatrics. By a unanimous vote, a committee decided that Dr. Light best represented the ideas of clinical practice that David Paulus espoused. The six-member committee included Dr. Timothy Flynn, CMO and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs; Mr. Ed Jimenez, interim CEO; Dr. Marvin Dewar, CEO of the faculty group practice; and Drs. Quillen, Bova, and Hardt from the faculty council.

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than Jennifer,” said ED Chairman, Dr. J. Adrian Tyndall. “She is, to date, one of the most gifted clinicians and clinician educators in emergency medicine that I have ever come across. We know her as an exemplary teacher having won numerous awards in teaching. As a physician trained in pediatrics, she developed an inexplicable mastery in both Adult as well as pediatric emergency medicine.”