Resident Rotations


Beginning in July, the PGY-1 resident is exposed to the emergency department early with protected shifts so that they may learn the art and science of emergency medicine. They spend the first month in ED so that they feel at “home.” The PGY-1 is coached and guided through these early shifts, evaluating patients based on their comfort level. Learn More »


The PGY-2 year is built to allow the resident to utilize the foundations learned in the 1st year for practical application in the emergency department. The knowledge and skills learned will be featured in a supervised setting with enough freedom to allow the resident to confidently manage multiple ill patients on their own while providing an opportunity to teach off-service rotators and medical students. Learn More »


This is the year when the resident puts everything together. The knowledge and skills learned over the first two years are applied in a setting which allows the resident the opportunity to primarily manage multiple patients, from the critically ill to fast track patients. Furthermore, the resident is responsible for assisting supervising physicians with the education of both PGY-1 residents and medical students. Learn More »