EMS Student Rotation



The EMS Student Rotation requirements include: a protocol review, attend 1 meeting (or a fellowship lecture) and six 8-hour ride alongs.

Start your Rotation

Prior to the start of your rotation, you will need to meet with Amber Cook in the Emergency Medicine office in the 1329 building.  During this meeting, you will plan your schedule and receive all the necessary information needed to complete this rotation successfully. Please schedule days off and vacation at least one month prior to the start of your rotation.

Below you will see the links to the forms, and links that you will need to complete your rotation.

Attend a Meeting or a Fellowship Lecture

During your rotation you will need to attend one of the monthly Medical Directors meetings located at ACFR Headquarters (911 SE 5th St, Gainesville Fl.) Every month there is a ACFR leadership meeting which occurs on the 2nd Tuesday at 11am and a joint GFR-ACFR meeting which occurs on the 3rd Monday at 1pm. Fellowship lectures are typically every Monday at 1pm.

Plan to set up a time to meet separately with Dr. Jones or Dr. Fitzpatrick. You can discuss this with the coordinator at the beginning of your rotation. In this meeting we will discuss an EM physicians role in EMS, your protocol review, the articles provided, and your presentation topic. Following the medical directors meetings is usually an ideal time to meet with us.

Ride Alongs

There is 48hrs of required ride along time which should be 6-8hr shifts divided over 3 weeks (at the end of this rotation you will turn in a list of dates/agencies/times where your ride alongs were completed). These shifts can be done with GFR, ACFR, or Levy County DPS.

  • We would like to see that at least 1/2 of these shifts be scheduled between 3-11 while the remaining can be 7-3, or 11-7 whichever you prefer.
  • Any ShandsCair shifts scheduled must have a backup ground shift scheduled in case of helicopter malfunction, training or weather issues.
  • If Dr. Jones’s schedule allows, there is an option to try and set up one of your ride alongs with Dr. Jones. Again, this will need to be planned in advance and listed on your schedule made with the coordinator. Simply email Dr. Jones for possible availability.

Example Schedule

  • Week 1: Observe dispatch at the Call center (4hr) and 2 ride alongs with ACFR ground units.
  • Week 2: Shands Cair ride along (voluntary) x2, this is not mandatory and can be replaced with more ACFR ride alongs, come to Tuesday ACFR meeting.
  • Week 3: 2 ride alongs with GFR.
  • Week 4: Vacation (These weeks will be interchangeable if your vacation week is one of the other weeks).

Protocol Review

  • First identify a protocol you are interested in reviewing and then the EBM literature behind this topic in prehospital setting. Before moving forward with your review please check with Dr. Fitzpatrick or Dr. Jones to make sure this topic has not been done in the past.
  • Your review will consist of a table summarizing the literature found and a one page summary of your findings.
  • ACFR protocols can be found here.
  • Your protocol review must be turned in at the end of this rotation, and you will not pass this rotation until this is complete.
  • Examples:


  • One of these weeks will be your vacation.
  • If you have other days within the other weeks that interfere with EMS requirements you will need to provide an explanation and you will need to make up this day at another time (this includes absence for working moonlighting shifts, covering previously owed shifts).

Contact Information

Each resident is responsible for making sure that all requirements given are met. Please try and meet with Amber Cook 2-4 weeks before your rotation. (But the earlier you contact them the better!)

  • Please dress professionally, we recommend an EMS type pair of dark pants and a plain polo style shirt with a pair of boots or sneakers.  Absolutely NO scrubs or open toed or open heeled shoes are allowed due to safety concerns.

If you have any problems please let Amber Cook know immediately!