The Department of Emergency Medicine is integrally involved with Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and is an essential part in the advancement of the highest standards of pre-hospital care. Several faculty members have special expertise and experience in various sizes and various types of EMS systems.

Dr. Christine Van Dillen is a EMS fellowship trained faculty member who is our current EMS fellowship program director.  She is also active at the national and state level. Dr. David Meurer has firsthand experience in EMS having formerly worked as an EMT, and then as a paramedic in both rural and suburban systems. He also acts as the department liaison and expert in the medical response to hazardous materials incidents, as well as agricultural accidents.

shandscairShandsCair, is the premiere aero medical service in North Florida, and operates out of UF Health Shands Hospital. It has provided 30 years of service to the North Central Florida community, and has evolved with the demanding needs of the community.

Saving time in an emergency situation often impacts the life and death outcomes.  ShandsCair provides critical care air and ground transport for pre-hospital and inter-facility patients.  ShandsCair operates helicopters, fixed wing jets, as well as critical care capable ground ambulances. Opportunities to ride-along as an observer are available to those who rotate through the Department of Emergency Medicine.

EMS Fellowship

Emergency Medical Services is the newest subspecialty of Emergency Medicine. The EMS physician plays a key role in the prehospital healthcare system to create and update medical care protocols, train field personnel, perform quality assurance, and decide appropriate new equipment.  University of Florida in Gainesville is one of the few ACGME accredited EMS fellowships starting July 1, 2013 with our first 2 fellows!  Our fellowship is a one year program which provides training in all aspects of EMS including  patient care in the field, finances, operations, administrative services and EMS research.

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Critical Care Fellowship Program for Emergency Medicine Graduates

The Department of Emergency Medicine supports a critical care fellowship for interested Emergency Medicine trained physicians.  The primary teaching facility is at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.  The fellowship is multi-disciplinary with curriculum consisting of surgical, medical, neurosurgical, burn, and cardiovascular ICU’s. The goal is to develop a well rounded Emergency Medicine Intensivist capable of treating a critically ill patient with any variety of pathophysiology.

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